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Zipper type universal grease gun

Zipper type high pressure universal grease gun

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Zipper type high pressure universal grease gunnew

Commodity description:

Zipper type high pressure universal grease gun

1, specifications: WJ-200 oil (200CM3 oil storage)

WJ-400 (400CM3 oil storage)

2, grease gun performance:

The oil pressure of >30Mpa (national standard, German standard and Japan are 16Mpa).

Grease gun head working state can be locked without gun off, the combination does not leak oil.

Universal grease gun head.

The amount of oil in the oil loading pressure of 0.5Mpa 0.8cm3/

The oil gun in the loading pressure 10Mpa, hand pressure is not more than 100N

3, the company implemented GB1164 1166-89 grease gun "gun" standard, and the Shanghai Institute of technical supervision qualification of mechanical and electrical products.

4, the gun for oiling transmission parts in automobile, engineering machinery, ships, aircraft and equipment in need of lubrication, applicable to the oil gun oil ZG-2 calcium base grease GB491 standard (Huang You).

Grease gun accessories

Grease gun head 1, for supporting the grease gun;

Ordinary plug type grease gun hose head

General plug tube grease gun head

Flat plug type grease gun hose head

Hook type grease gun head hose

(the length of the 250mm, 500mm, 1000mm, and can be customized according to the customer's request).

2, for supporting the grease cup grease gun head

The common plug-in line or 45 degrees oiling cup (installation thread: M10X1, 1/8)

Flat plug type grease cup (installation thread: M10X1, M12, 1/8, 1/4)

Hook type grease cup (installation thread: 1/8, 1/4)

(all kinds of non-standard oil cups can be customized according to user requirements)



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