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First, the basic situation of the company

Shanghai lisuo electrical and Mechanical Co. Ltd is a design and development, production management, domestic and foreign trade as one of the high-tech joint-stock company. Legal representative (and general manager) for Wu teng. The company registered in Shanghai Hutai Road No. 8885 (Shanghai City, Baoshan District Economic Zone), office and production base located in the city of Hongkou District Wenshui Road No. 936, zip code: 200434, Tel: 021-65289778021-65286038 (fax: 65286038).

Company's existing staff of 60 people, including 20 management staff. The company has fixed assets of 10 million yuan, annual sales of about 20 million yuan.

The company based on the market information, technical development, production management, marketing planning to have a customer service service includes a number of economists, mechanical design and manufacturing engineers, electrical design engineers, senior technicians, professional technical team, the company through the ISO9001: 1994 quality system certification in 2001 this year, again through the ISO9001:2000 version (including must be part of the production of automotive components) ISO/TS16949 quality system certification. For a long time our company always adhere to the "quality first, customer first" business philosophy, attaches great importance to product quality and customer needs, adhere to a high starting point: development, design, production of high quality high quality, high standard and high standards of service management.

Two, product overview

At present, the company has developed and produced a total of three categories of products:

1, auto parts (for China Changchun FAW Group direct matching): zipper type high pressure universal grease gun; automobile steering system transmission shaft; sliding sleeve and universal joint fork.

2, Aluminum Alloy ladder series: the two day Aluminum Alloy telescopic ladder ladder and the horizontal bar fire is designed for the Shanghai City Fire Department (for supporting the Shanghai City Fire Department production license)

3, COSCO, China Shipping Group supporting the ship with tools.

In addition, our company is developing a food detector for the detection of metallic foreign bodies in food packaging ".

Three, product quality and technology introduction

1, the zipper type high pressure universal grease gun has formed a series of products and specifications for various types of grease gun head, oil pressure is greater than or equal to 35Mpa, including the function and performance of oil gun has reached or more than similar products in Germany and japan. In addition to supporting the FAW Group, but also for COSCO, China Shipping Group, oilfield, port and mining machinery products, and in Shanghai, East China and other domestic market for customers.

2, the steering system of the drive shaft, a sliding sleeve and a universal joint fork product quality has been Bofuao ThyssenKrupp (ThyssenKrupp) automotive steering column (Changchun) Co. Ltd. is recognized and highly appreciated, and has been available in large quantities.

The drive shaft section we use matrix profile precision control, the control precision; the drive shaft coated nylon surface by France (ATOFINA) company's high-quality nylon powder, and the current domestic and foreign advanced computer automatic control of fluidized bed dipping coating technology, then molded dissectible knife shape is complete, the quality of the products can reach the international advanced the level of.

3, the company always adhere to the high starting point in the development of other types of product development, design and manufacturing process, quality optimization design, use the best materials, advanced production technology to ensure product performance, the use effect of similar products in the country are the best. Such as aluminum alloy ladder with our selection of high strength aluminum alloy, through the anodic oxidation process into imitation stainless steel color, not only the appearance of beautiful, and the strength of other aluminum alloy increased by 40%. Get customers high praise, won the market and the Shanghai city fire department.

Four, production and management

In the aspect of production management and quality control of our products always adhere to the quality system of ISO9001 from the purchase of raw materials to the finished products to strict control of each production and management, and resolutely do substandard products not manufactured instockroom, all for the sake of customers, good customer service service, customer satisfaction, rest assured.

Our quality policy is: quality products to high-tech innovation; to high-quality refinement;

Management with high efficiency and realistic; service with high grade for letter.

Our quality objectives are: product, service zero defects, customer satisfaction rate of 100%

We promise to use our products or our customers:

It has always been: electromechanical innovation, excellence, quality first, integrity first, service to your side.

General manager: Wu Teng


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