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High pressure grease gun

I unit of the grease gun aircraft maintenance used are all imported from foreign countries, higher than the domestic price of ten to twenty times and the need to exchange, it is not convenient to buy, the cycle is too long, while the domestic old gun and not up to the requirements.

Since my company purchased Shanghai lisuo electrical and Mechanical Co. Ltd. patent products of a new generation of "Moon" brand high pressure universal grease gun, the maintenance of repeated use, that the gun is his originality. He is the old oil gun is more advanced, to improve aircraft mechanical maintenance work to improve the good guarantee.

Specific usage is as follows:

(1) the small oil gun to 1/3 the same capacity than the old oil volume, and large capacity, light weight, beautiful appearance.

(2) the use of the oil is a step by step, that is, to facilitate the remaining oil, but also to prevent the air mixed.

(3) the head and the gun gun body is connected with the high-pressure hose, no oil nozzle in any awkward position can ease the oil.

(4) the work pressure is very high, up to 400 kg per square centimeter, while the United States imported butter gun pressure can only reach 250 kg per square centimeter. When in use, the butter can be turned into a hard, even if it has become hard.

(5) it is convenient and reliable to remove the gun automatically, and further improve the labor productivity.

Through the use of the gun, my unit has been designated as a product, and everyone agreed that the gun is the ideal tool for butter.


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